SANTIAGO, Chile — Jul 16, 2017, 6:47 PM ET

Biggest snowfall in decades blankets Chile's capital


Chile's capital was blanketed this weekend by the biggest snowfall in decades, with some residents grumbling about blocked roads and downed power lines, while others made snowmen or tossed snowballs.

Tens of thousands of people had their power knocked out in Santiago's metropolitan area with some parts receiving up to 40 centimeters (16 inches) of the white stuff, according to the National Emergency Office.

Residents woke up Saturday to find their city covered with snow and by late Sunday thousands of homes still lacked electricity. Andres Rebolledo of the energy ministry said power should be restored by Sunday night or Monday. A worker at a Santiago hospital died when he slipped and hit his head.

Chile's Meteorological Office said it was the biggest snowfall in the capital in 46 years.

News - Biggest snowfall in decades blankets Chile's capital

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  • Dicazi

    16 inches at one time is a lot of snow for almost anywhere.
    I was expecting maybe 4-6.

  • rampantlion

    Where's global warming when you need it. LOL!

  • Maxvell

    Can't get through all the snow pics !

  • Prophet With Honor

    Where I am it's 89 with a heat index of 98 ... I may book a flight to Chile .