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  • PrettySmart1

    Typical corporate scum-bag. Isn't it nice corporate scum-bags are going to get big bonuses this year thanks to Trump's giant gift to companies at taxpayers' expense? Really goes a long way toward defraying the cost of trading on inside information (at individual investors' expense).

  • just saying

    Ying now you have to give that money to an attorney...Dodo.

  • Factcheck

    Ok, this guy was a CIO, and he used his Equifax computer to do internet searches on the effect on the Experian stock price of a 2015 breach at that credit reporting company. He might not have a lot of hands on experience with software and hardware, but I expect him to know the concepts. Doing searches on illegal activity on a work computer no less, how [email protected] is this guy. It seems like only the very [email protected] criminals get caught in the financial wall street type crimes.

  • tatanka

    Dude was the CIO. That basically makes him responsible for the breach, right?
    Take all his money, then send him to prison for 15 years. Give him $20 and a restraining order to stay away from computers when he gets out.

  • Steve1956

    I think ying done stepped on his wang

  • Mike D

    Good! Now get the others and shutter Equihax.

  • Fermer Votre Bouche

    The only known corporate ethic is GREED

  • The Anunnaki

    I don't think this is how insider trading should work. This guy works for the company, he knows about the data breach by default, should he be required to lose money?

  • Cat

    lol Yea, we were assured...........that there was NO insider trading on the part of the executives, which EVERYONE knew was bull--it!!!
    Let's get a few more execs..........because it STINKS over there!!!