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  • MrsPlasticman

    Mitt didn't keep it on state issues he avoided every opportunity to answer questions that were difficult. He just kept it in neutral

  • MickC

    "If he had won the party delegate vote at the convention, he would have
    bypassed a primary altogether. Instead, he was edged out by state
    lawmaker Mike Kennedy, who got 51 percent of the vote to Romney's 49
    Then why didn't Mike Kennedy bypass a primary altogether since he won a majority of the party delegate vote?

  • Mad Mikey

    I don’t understand why Romney would have got the nomination with 51% of the vote, but the guy who actually got 51% of the vote doesn’t

  • ricwhite

    The Utah GOP is controlled by Freedom Caucus and the to a lesser degree by the old Tea Party (think Mike Lee). Many believe that Romney is too liberal and part of the "establishment" that Trump wants to get rid of. However, the actual VOTERS in Utah are more moderate, so look for Romney to win the republican nomination in the primary election by a good 20 points.

  • Indie6050

    What probably killed him in the election was the way he worded his 47 % comment, and picking Ryan as his vp candidate did not help either.

  • Ross Doob

    I am shocked - Trump's endorsement didn't lead to a landslide victory for Romneyh?

  • Pingy

    Poor Mitt just can't shake that 49% unlucky number. It follows him everywhere!

  • Lance

    He created MassHealth in Massachusetts which is far better than many plans offered by employers in the state.

  • PaulCrozer

    Mitt is a chameleon who is willing to sell his soul to be president.

    It's disgusting how he capitulated to Trump...after he became president. Total opportunist.

  • mrevilo

    Good for Utah! They don't need another member of the mormon cult to represent them!

  • YellowParrott

    It didn't turnout the way the "carpetbagger" had hope it would huh?

  • FfloydZzepp

    Utah is the appendix of America. Nobody knows what it's for and if we cut it out we wouldn't miss it.

  • BD70

    I get the feeling Romney thought he was a shoe in.

  • FfloydZzepp

    Utah, please, secede.

  • paul miller

    Romney is like the Roseanne return, whether it's the dem or the repub America needs some young blood with fresh ideas not the same old recycled good ole boys and girls. I'm part of the baby boomer generation and I believe this group failed miserably to provide great leaders, if Trump and Hillary were the best the last time around its time for a big change all thru government.

  • c.g.

    Of course the voters should decide who is on the ballot......ridiculous to have a few good ole boys meet to decide the limited choice as to who should be on the ballot. Pretty much knew that Utah was a backward state......this sure proves it...

  • Dwight Francis david

    Morman bishop that said corporations are people too -caught on tape saying them people too- I'll bet you ten thousand- hello!

  • Truthfully

    So the candidate gets out to the people gets his signatures, but the repubs think it's bad???

    who does the Candidate work for the people or repubs?

  • Cagey-B

    Romney, 71, went up against 11 other candidates at the convention, including one dressed as Abraham Lincoln, complete with vest and bow tie.
    Ah, yes: today's Republicans pretending yet again that they are the party of Lincoln. Good fun.
    Lincoln was a socialist.

  • Kevin from Wa.

    Gosh Republicans....Another 71 year old Rich guy?....C-mon ..people of Utah.....

  • BannedSimplyForPosting230

    "the state's far-right-leaning GOP convention."

    I bet ABC says the same about far left leaning conventions.

  • krussell25

    Utah doesn't like losers.

  • Ima Knut

    Mit, say it ain’t so. Don’t everyone love you there?