Apr 26, 2018, 1:38 PM ET

Senate confirms Mike Pompeo as 70th secretary of state


The Senate has confirmed Mike Pompeo as the 70th secretary of state by a 57-42 vote.

Six Democrats and one Independent voted to confirm Pompeo: Heitkamp, Donnelly, Manchin, McCaskill, Jones, Nelson, and King (I).

Every Republican supported his confirmation, with the exception of Sen. John McCain who is still in Arizona battling brain cancer and was not present for the vote.

Pompeo faced unprecedented opposition to his becoming the nation's top diplomat – many Democrats who just last year voted to confirm him as CIA director publicly opposed him as the next secretary of state.

Last year, Pompeo had little trouble clinching the confirmation to be the director of the CIA. He was confirmed by the full Senate in a 66-32 vote at the time.

It is very unusual for a secretary of state nominee to face such opposition.

Past secretaries of state, including Condoleezza Rice, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton have breezed through their respective confirmations.

“I realize my Democratic friends in many cases feel like that in supporting Pompeo, it's a proxy for support of the Trump administration policies, which many of them abhor. I understand that" Sen. Bob Corker, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee said last week on the Senate floor.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted on Monday along party lines to send Pompeo's nomination to the Senate floor with a favorable report.

News - Senate confirms Mike Pompeo as 70th secretary of state

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  • Bill Carter

    The reason he received fewer votes thatn Kerry or Clinton is that he was not a member of the senate club house!
    They always stick together regardless of party because "after all he/she was one of us"!

  • Mitzy1991

    Dunt, dunt, dunt, another soul bites the dust. How can these people sell their soul to work for Trump? It is the same as flushing your reputation.

  • Thomas

    Any bets on how long this one will last?

  • ArghONaut

    The partisan divide is curious with the republicans more often stonewalling on party loyalty than the democrats. The democrats who do not reciprocate give the republicans a free kick. Someday this should end, and should never have started, but going first is surrender.

  • piboson

    You can bet your hat and ass, if I were a USS, I would still be talking on the Senate chamber floor rejecting this evil SOB. This country can no longer tolerate a kakistocracy, as we do today.

  • thinkmore

    Another poor Cabinet choice by Trump & the GOP.

    Everybody knows that the skill and knowledge set for the CIA and the State Dept are the same. /sarc

  • Tegbessou Géléhéso

    The revolving door of Trump's cabinet picks is keeping America safe... no one is around long enough to screw things up to bad.

  • arlecchino

    He will be gone before the end of the year and probably Kerry will go before he does.
    Nothing last with Trump, the man has no strategy and treats the presidency like a TV show,
    when he gets no results, "you are fired", insanity at its worse.

  • katerant

    The White House has a few questions for candidates in Republican primaries hoping for President Donald Trump’s endorsement.

    Do you support ending foreign aid to Pakistan? How about withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership? Did you back the president’s ban on visa-holders from several Muslim-majority countries? Do you support the president’s immigration proposals, including giving DACA recipients a path to citizenship? How about his proposal for steel and aluminum tariffs?

  • Roger B. Krieger

    Those democrats that supported him need to change to Republican they are a disgrace. Ethics, morality, and professionalism are clearly lacking in them. As to the Republicans they have not any of the characteristics mentioned any way.

  • southwestfan

    I will give him 6 months tops. If Korea turns out to be a disaster, which most likely it will, you know Trump wont blame himself.

  • Eagle1000

    He feels strange

  • Amy

    It's sad more that Trump went through a sectary of state in about a year.

  • BD70

    Are they inflicting more stress and agony on us?

  • Jukka-Emil Vanaja

    Enjoy your war. I can guarantee your sons won't enjoy it.

  • kritikosman

    Not impressed!

  • Prophet With Honor

    Dr. Lawrence Peter called this one.

  • Jhett E. Thomas

    In most, if not all, of our Embassies around the world you'll find the CIA station right next door to the Political station. Makes sense to know a little about who you're dealing with and what their true motivations are...
    Doesn't hurt that he's usually the smartest guy in the room.
    Will clearly demand more respect than Kerry, Clinton, and Tillerson.

  • CgntvDssdnt

    Booo! Another Russian tool.

  • Riddler

    Get used to someone waging peace and prosperity instead of war after war, and outsourcing.

  • arlecchino

    Didn't Pompeo had some kind of illegal relation with China government?

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Another day. Another incompetent Trump nominee approved but with a decimated state department, who needs an experienced diplomat anyway.

    But don't worry. There are few jobs with shorter terms than being on Trump's cabinet. The bad ones don't last long at all and the few good ones leave even faster.

  • Ronald Bandor

    Hitching his wagon to this clown show. I'm sure it will end well for him, just like it did for HR McMaster, Rex Tillerson, Michael Flynn, Gary Cohn, Hope Hicks, Steve Bannon, Rob Porter, Omarosa, Tom Price, Anthony Scarramucci, Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer (and more).

  • TexasVulcan

    Is espionage and diplomacy even related?

  • TexasVulcan

    I can see how Pompeo got confirmed easily as CIA director back at the beginning of the Trump administration. Now, every selection is going to be looked at to see what is wrong with it. Let's face it, President Trump has made an awful lot of missteps.

  • Remember0811

    who cares? He'll be fired within 6 months but not before Trump says he has absolute confidence in him and that he is a good man ... treated unfairly ... blah, blah, blah ... and somehow its Obama's fault. Good grief.

  • Lightfoot77

    A Koch puppet, 3 steps away from the WH. Vote people. Get registered to vote.

  • Arkansaw

    It doesn't matter, Donald's mouth and tweets will undo whatever he does, and then he'll get fired to anything but his face.

  • Sidestepping Dave

    Trumps new puppet. He will do everything and will take it all the way for Trump.

  • GorillaMyDreams

    Oh, good. A war-hawk Islamophobe and homophobe as our top diplomat. What could go wrong?


    Can't wait till the day Trump is gone and we get to watch all these people get fired.

  • Blue Wave

    Scary that we have a brand new SecState who was the head of the CIA less than a month before we sit down with NK. I just don't see anything good coming from it. I'll hope for the best, but...

  • Colinalcarz

    Doesn't America believe in diplomacy anymore? When spies and generals run our international relations, there are always heavy costs.

  • Lightfoot77

    Koch Bros. in control of Sec. of State. Better start voting people.

  • novamcln

    President "No more stupid wars" just needs a Cheney and a Rumsfeld to get the whole neocon gang back together.

  • sparkysdad

    Trump and another of his "best" people that one can get. No diplomatic experience or training. There are universities that have classes in diplomatic skills. Most of the people in the State department have to have courses in this to avoid making a mistake or accidentally creating a negative situation. The stakes are high and the POTUS doesn't care.

  • Mari Marigold

    I guess we'll be going to war over something pretty soon.

  • Jukka-Emil Vanaja

    It's not "how long will he last", it's "how long will the world last". Pompeo is just one another crusader of American exceptionalism and unilateral military adventurism in a long line.

    If you want to seize the moment, now would be the time to invest in MRAP constructors, HESCO barrier makers and any construction companies that were involved in the Iraq "reconstruction effort" and fortification contracts, because it's gonna be free money on carte blanche contracts soon.

  • James Cameron

    Truthfully, this guy is at least qualified. I would say that's a win for America. Usually, Trump people are crazy, corrupt, AND completely unqualified to do the job.

  • Dick Enya

    How does a guy without medals from Russia become the Secretary of State? Something is starting to look fishy.