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The Note: Trump defined by acting, not reacting

The TAKE with Rick Klein The lookout is on for a wave this year. But there’s a force coming together that figures to give it one monumental challenge – if not blow it back entirely. That force, as always, is President Donald Trump . He is at this moment acting emboldened by victories both real and Read more

Trump to address gang violence in Long Island speech

Describing gang violence inflicted by MS-13 members in chilling and gruesome detail, President Donald Trump vowed Wednesday to make "radical" changes to U.S. aid practices by withholding government assistance from countries whose citizens enter the United States illegally. "We're going to work out Read more

Greitens' displayed ambition, from childhood through career

From childhood onward, Eric Greitens has been ambitious. He's been a scholar, humanitarian, military officer, charity executive, author and public speaker. Now Missouri's governor, Greitens was to face trial this week on a felony invasion-of-privacy charge stemming from an extramarital affair. But Read more